Job Duties:

  • Prepare files for output / proofing

  • Maintain consistent appearance and standards across projects.

  • Equipment/software troubleshooting

  • Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Acrobat

  • Working knowledge with Rampage / XMF system a plus.

  • Working knowledge with Preps or other imposition software a plus.

  • Maintains quality levels and establishes work procedures

  • Responsible for coordinating with and research and development with the digital printing department / sheet fed printing department and equipment therein.

  • Good understanding of four-color process

  • Good understanding of full color digital printing.

  • Actively and routinely communicate with team and resolve issues before they arise.

  • Interact with all other departments as needed via face to face communication, phone, email, meetings, etc.

  • Ability to use and understand business computer programs including the ability to produce required reports.


  • Analyze and use customer supplied disks for purpose of production, preflight and estimating.

  • Read, understand and implement customer specifications.

  • Contact and discuss issues with customers/employees.

  • Produce projects from scratch utilizing page layout, drawing and photo manipulation software.

  • Prepare files for printing to specified output device.

  • Understand all digital equipment and be able to operate to obtain proofs, etc.

  • Able to operate and understand variable data process and software as well as an understanding of database software/functions.

  • Understand and use wide format devices.

  • Troubleshoot basic computer problems as well as load/unload software both on Mac & PC.

  • Logical and accurate file management.

  • Calibrate and maintain prepress hardware as needed.

  • Maintain accurate billing & time records.

  • Train others when necessary.


  • Knowledge of Core1Draw, PowerPoint, digital photography, web design, color management systems


  • Demonstrate eye/hand coordination

  • Must not be color blind

  • Able to work on computer for up to an 8 hour period

  • Willing to work overtime as required on short notice